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No Comb 4 U - Oil Painting
No Comb 4 U - Oil Painting

No Comb 4 U

Oil Painting

There was once a little boy
Who looked in the mirror
And wanted to buy a comb
For he wanted his hare to go straight
The little boy's mother says
Come here little boy
You don't need no comb
For you have no hare !

  • Oil on rabbit-skinned cotton dyed with earth
  • Driftwood frame with deerskin hanging strap
  • Linen cord and leather grommets on reverse side
  • Handmade paint brush
  • 37cm x 17cm x 2cm

Private collection.


Bolyro gazing out window
Bolyro lives and plays in New York. He enjoys candlelit dinners in skyscrapers with sick views and moonlit walks in Central Park with imaginary friends. email  instagram